Pilot Registration
Terms & Conditions
1. Minimum Requirements
1.1 The applying pilot must be in possession of flight simulator software(s) (Microsoft FS9/FS2004, FSX, Lockheed Prepar3D, or X-Plane
1.2 The Applying pilot must be registered in either IVAO network or VATSIM network, proven by a valid network ID form either/both network
1.3 The applying pilot must alsohave an active SimBrief account (that can be made at simbrief.com) prior of registering here. it is strongly advised (but not mandatory) that you register in Indonesia Virtual and in SimBrief with the same email account
1.4 The applying pilot must be over the age of 13. You may be asked to provide your real Date of Birth data upon registration
1.5 As English is the international language of the aviation insdustry, we require applicants to show a reasonable level of written and spoken English
1.6 The applying pilot must prossess the ability to show professionalism within the organization and when conducting online operations
2. Pilot Registration
2.1 An active pilot is only allowed ot have 1 (one) account at any time. Any duplicate account(s) registered to the same pilot will be deleted
2.2 Every applying pilot must sit an entry exam before they are allowed to register. An applying pilot has only 1 exam attemp per day in case he/she fails the entry exam, and may repeat the entry exam on the following day
2.3 Applying pilot must submit their real identity, no nicknames or callsigns are permitted
2.4 Applying pilot must use a valid email address, as it is the only way for us to contact pilots. It is not our responsibility if the pilot cannot access their registered email
2.5 The virtual airlines hour transfer option is not available here
2.6 If a pilot is ever removed from our roster and he/she is reapplying, his/her past record of participation in Indonesia Virtual will be reset to zero
2.7 We do require pilots to registered in the IVAO and/or VATSIM network
2.8 Applying pilots must have a minimum of 25 hours registered flying time on IVAO or VATSIM
3. Minimum VA Duty Requirement
3.1 A pilot has the duty to fly a minimum of flight 1 flight every 90 days
3.2 Pilots who has not flown for 90 days since his/her last flight will have his/her acount frozen and reactivation can be done by contacting Indonesia Virtual HRD
3.3 Pilots whose accouts are frozen for 360 days will be deleted from the roster without prior notice
3.4 Once accepted, a new pilot must fly at least 1 flight in 14 days starting on the acceptance day. Otherwise, your application and account will be deleted
4. Pilot Rank and Type Rating
4.1 Each Indonesia Virtual pilot will have a rank that is based on:
4.1.1 Accumulated flight hour from accepted PIREPs
4.1.2 Rank promotion examination
4.2 On registraion an Indonesia Virtual pilot will be assigned as an A/B Inio pilot
4.3 To gain a rank,a pilot must fulfil the requirements mentioned below
4.3.1 The requirements for promotion to Junior First Officer, pilot has 10 flying hours. It is strongly advised for A/B Initio pilots to also finish reading the introduction manual handbook so new pilots become more familiar with us
4.3.2 The reqirements for promotion to First Officer :
- - - - - Pilot has 100 flying hours
- - - - - Pilot has passed theoretical exam
4.3.3 The requirements for promotion to Senior First Officer :
- - - - - Pilot has 300 flying hours
- - - - - Pilot has passed theoretical exam
4.3.4 The requirements for promotion to Captain :
- - - - - Pilot has 500 flying hours
- - - - - Pilot has passed Captaincy theoretical exam
- - - - - Pilot has passed Captaincy practical exam
4.3.5 The requirements for promotion to Senior Captain :
- - - - - Pilot has least 750 flying hours
- - - - - Current pilot rank is Captain (mandatory)
- - - - - To be promoted immediately, the pilot must pass theoretical exam or;
- - - - - Pilot has 1000 hours and if so he/she will automatically be promoted
4.4 Should a pilot wishes to change his/her type ratyng (i.e from the Boeing 737 to Boeing 777):
4.4.1 For Captains (all rank):
- - - - - The pilot applies to the airlines for his/her type rating change
- - - - - Once accepted, the pilot will then be first demoted to Senor FO rating in the new type
- - - - - The pilot will then need to fly another 50 hours in that new type before he/she becomes eligible for a captaincy exam
4.4.2 For First Officer (all rank) and A/B Initio:
- - - - - The pilot applies to the airlines for his/her type rating change
- - - - - Once accepted, the pilot will not be demoted to Senior FO rating. They will stay in their current position
4.4.3 For all pilots, type rating change is allowed only once per month
4.4.4 For all Staff Indonesia Virtual, type rating change is allowed only 10 flight or 2 week in the current type rating
4.5 Available ranks in Indonesia Virtual: A/B Initio, Junior First Officer, First Officer, Senior First Officer, Captain and Senior Captain
5. Flight Operations
5.1 Indonesia Virtual is specially simulated Garuda Indonesia and Citilink
5.2 Indonesia Virtual flies under the ICAO of GIA and CTV in flight operations
5.3 In all event flight must flies the ICAO GIA for online in the IVAO or VATSIM network
5.4 Garuda Indonesia used ICAO code GIA with radio callsign Indonesia
5.5 Citilink used ICAO code CTV with radio callsign Supergreen
5.6 It is strongly advised that while flying online, the remark "OPR/IDV" without the quotation mark is included in the ATC FPL box (remark)
5.7 Point 5.5 is however MANDATORY for Staffs
5.8 All Indonesia Virtual flights must be done using IDV ADS-B the official ACARS of the Indonesia Virtual
5.9 IDV ADS-B is the only approve ACARS software in Indonesia Virtual. The use of any non-approved ACARS software is strictly and any PIREPs filed using it will be deleted
5.10 Accelerated time and slew are NEVER allowed. our extremely intelignts ACARS detect simrate change and slew if you select them, PIREPs containing that will-off-course be Rejected
5.11 If there are flights with a 60 minutes (or more) long delay, the delay reason(s) must be explained in the PIREP comment prior to sending the PIREP
5.12 Correct flight planning is required for all filght. Flight with incorrect planning will be deleted. Please utilize our SimBrief-integrated service as best as you can in planning your flight
5.13 The use of correct aircraft type per the booked schedule is a must. We are not offering any aircraft substitution policy. Any PIREP with wrong aircraft type will be rejected
5.14 Touchdown Rate rules are as follows:
5.14.1 For A/B Initio pilots, Junior FOs, FOs adn Senior FOs
- - - - - Touchdown Rate -10 feet per minute (fpm) is the "smoothest" landing rate allowed. Flight with smoother touchdown than that will be rejected
- - - - - Touchdown Rate -700 feet per minute (fpm) is the "hardest" (max) landing rate allowed. Flight with harder touchdown than that will be rejected
5.14.2 For Captains and Senior Captains
- - - - - Touchdown Rate -10 feet per minute (fpm) is the "smoothest" landing rate allowed. Flight with smoother touchdown than that will be rejected
- - - - - Touchdown Rate -500 feet per minute (fpm) is the "hardest" (max) landing rate allowed. Flight with harder touchdown than that will be rejected
5.15 Normally, all PIREPs will be processed automatically by the system. But on certain cases, there are certain PIREPs that will be reviewed manually by the staff(s) to determine their validity
5.16 If flying online, a pilot must fly using the assigned callsign. For example, if the pilot books GA123, then the flight code must be GIA123 and the callsign must be Indonesia 123
6. Flying Online
6.1 There is no formal requirement to always fly online in IVAO or VATSIM. However, we required you to have at least one account (either an IVAO or a VATSIM account) so you can register to Indonesia Virtual
6.2 Any rules and regulations issued by the online network provider supersede the rules and restrictions of this virtula airline should a conflict arises
6.3 It is clear that all pilots must be obey both of them and if any rules infregiment is detected or reported, futher actions (such as freezing the account or accound deletion) can be considered and taken
7. Virtual Airline Management
7.1 All staffs, Directors, the President Director and the Executive Board are Indonesia Virtual members as well
7.2 All staffs, Directors, the President Director and the Executive Board are NOT allowed to use the virtual airlines facility to achieve any personla puspose or goal in any manner
7.3 To become an Indonesia Virtual Staff, a member must be at least 17 years old
7.4 Staff vacancy information will only be posted on the News Tab on the website and in the forum
7.5 The Executive Board or the President Director has the ability to re-assign any staff a new position should it becomes necessary to do so
8. Communications
8.1 Indonesia Virtual management will only respond to any inquiries using approved communication tools (official email and forum)
8.2 Indonesia Virtual has social medias to communicate and announce things and we will manage our communication to every one using those medias
8.3 All member are required to use polite language and proper manner when communicating with other members at all times and in any condition
8.4 Everyone (the staffs and the pilots) are required to use the social media in a proper and polite manner. Further actions by the HRD will be brought to any member who use the social media in improper manner, including if it is regarding Indonesia Virtual